The Impeachment Merry-Go-Round

As we continue to march down the road towards the Democrats filing Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, we have to look at some of the facts, some of the assumptions and some of the actions of the players. It is like a carousel and there are many horses on the merry-go-round that we have… Continue reading The Impeachment Merry-Go-Round


No To Pastor Jeffress and His Comments

Yesterday Pastor Robert Jeffress said that impeaching President Trump would be akin to setting off a civil war in the country.  The comment is seen below: “And I do want to make this prediction this morning: If the Democrats are successful in removing the president from office, I’m afraid it will cause a Civil War-like fracture… Continue reading No To Pastor Jeffress and His Comments



I read in the Washington Post that the State Department is reopened the investigation into the email scandal that plagued the Hillary Clinton campaign.  According to the story the investigation has continued and was picked up again in earnest in August as the investigators plowed through millions of emails.  The ones in question were from people that… Continue reading LET IT GO


The Impeachment Merry Go Round

When the news first broke about the whistleblower the media was quick to jump on the story and the Democrats immediately followed demanding that Speaker Pelosi now agree to begin an inquiry into impeachment. I suspect that Pelosi still has strong reservations about impeachment, but her hand was forced with many of the Democrats that… Continue reading The Impeachment Merry Go Round


Free Stuff for Everybody and No One Has To Pay

Democrats running for office are once again coming up with proposals that can only be described as “buying votes.”  This week Bernie Sanders unveiled a proposal where unpaid medical bills will be assumed by the Federal government and they will attempt to negotiate a payment to the provider or insurance company.  At what point does… Continue reading Free Stuff for Everybody and No One Has To Pay


A Few Things of Note This Week

Justice Kavanaugh I have been closely watching the situation surrounding the New York Times and Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  It has developed into a food fight between the reporters and the editors, but one thing remains very apparent.  The report left out some very critical details.  They failed to mention that the person who was supposedly… Continue reading A Few Things of Note This Week


What Happened to Congress

When I first started working in Washington in 1977 it was a very different place.  I was a young staffer working for a freshman Republican from Utah, Orrin. G. Hatch.  He was full of fire and was considered an outsider at that time because he was a Reaganite.  That made him very conservative for the time. The makeup… Continue reading What Happened to Congress


Political Nature of the Judiciary

The Supreme Court today issued a major decision that can have a major effect on future cases.  In this case the Court put a hold on a lower court’s ruling that the Administration cannot change the policy of granting asylum.  The Trump administration has argued that anyone traveling through Mexico must first seek asylum in Mexico before… Continue reading Political Nature of the Judiciary

Economy · Taxes


TToday is Tax Day and everyone that has not filed is rushing to get their returns done.  I have been in that category in the past where you are lined up at the Post Office to ensure you get the correct post mark on your return.  For the past several years I have taken advantage… Continue reading TAX DAY AND TAX CUTS


Mueller Report and Tax Returns

I want to focus on two issues that seem to be dominating the news as it applies to President Trump. The first is the Mueller Report which will probably be delivered to the Congress this week and the second deals with the President’s tax returns.  THE MUELLER REPORT The Attorney General, Robert Barr, has indicated that… Continue reading Mueller Report and Tax Returns