Democrat’s Debating Each Other and Saying Nothing

The Democrat candidates for President took the stage in Ohio last night and all 12 of them had hopes of impressing voters enough to capture the nomination for President.  Admittedly some of them are just along for the ride and have no hope of achieving that goal. This race has come down to three leading candidate, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.  All the rest are just window dressing, and some might be auditioning for the Vice-Presidential pick by the eventual nominee.  

You have to find some irony in the ages of the three leaders.  Joe Biden is now 76 years old and that means he would be 77 if elected President.  You have to wonder if age has caught up with him because he fumbled around on the stage last night and failed to really score any points.  Bernie Sanders is 78 and will be 79 if elected. He has already had a heart attack earlier this month and his ideas and proposals are about as old and stale as he is himself.  Then we have the youngster in the group, Elizabeth Warren, who comes in at 70. Now I have a pretty good idea what 70 feels like since I am also that age. She emerged from the debate as the clear front runner and she appears to be siphoning off many of the young progressives that supported Sanders the last time around.

I think I can make a prediction that absent any cataclysmic event in the next nine months we will see Warren gain the nomination on the Democrat side.  She is the top promiser in the group and if you listen to her everything will be free, and she will pay for it by taxing someone other than you. I want you to think about that.  I have learned in my 70 years that when something sounds that good it usually is not that good.  

In the debate last night Warren was once again asked (this question comes up repeatedly) if her Medicare for all proposal would mean a tax increase on the middle class.  Once again, she deflected the question with some cute rhetoric about how medical costs would go down and so that would be a benefit to the middle class. But if you are a member of the middle class the odds are high that you have a job and also high that your employer is helping to provide you with some form of health insurance.  When that tax increase comes to pay for this new huge government health program your taxes will be going up so that you can foot the bill for someone else. And remember, in the previous debate all of them were in favor of providing free health care to illegal immigrants. If you put your head in the sand and just like to pretend that there will be no tax increase, then don’t be surprised when you stand up and find your wallet missing.

But wait, Ms. Warren has another idea about paying for her boondoggles.  She wants to tax anyone that has an established amount of “wealth.” What Warren is proposing is that we place an annual 2% tax on wealth.  Over a period of years that would reduce a person or family’s wealth by about 40%. Take a look at what is happening in California today as they try to gouge and tax anyone that earns a certain amount of money.  People are fleeing the state and tax friendly states such as Florida and Texas are booming. If you don’t think that people with real wealth will bolt the United States to maintain that wealth, then you are sadly being duped by politicians trying to purchase your vote.

There were some things that you did not hear on the stage last night.  Nobody outlined an economic program that would lead to economic growth and job creation.  We are now at one of the highest levels of employment in our history and wages have been growing for over a year.  So, what are Democrats proposing to keep this economic and job growth on track? I guess they are keeping that a secret.  Another think you did not hear mentioned was the growing federal deficit which has now reached $23T and being fair neither Democrats or Republicans seemed concerned about the effect this will have on our children and grandchildren.  Instead they spent the debate seeing who could propose the newest and biggest new federal government program.

I pointed out that the winners last night were Warren, Sanders and Biden (if you call falling in the polls and fundraising winning) but I did not mention that the real losers were the American taxpayers.  If you are one of millions of Americans who want and demand more free stuff from the government, I guess you could be considered a winner. But in the end, you will also be a loser.

The second thing that is going on behind this and if you watched the debate you heard a lot of how much they dislike President Trump and how he had to be impeached or defeated.  This has been the all-consuming activity of the Democrats since Trump won. Instead of concentrating on getting things done for the American public they spend all of their time attacking the President and now having hearing after hearing on possibly impeaching the President.  Today Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that they will not be holding a vote on impeachment any time soon. This breaks with all precedent in previous modern impeachment efforts. As I wrote last week in the both the Nixon and Clinton impeachments Articles of Impeachment were filed and the committee handling the impeachment was bipartisan with the minority (Republicans with Nixon and Democrats with Clinton) having staff and subpoena power.  What Pelosi is doing is allowing Adam Schiff to use the Intelligence Committee to conduct hearings so they can shroud them in secrecy and leak what they feel will be damaging to the President. This is the same Adam Schiff that over and over assured us he had conclusive proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians. The Mueller Report did not find such evidence and to this date Schiff has not produced what he promised.

The reason Pelosi is doing it this way is so Democrats can keep the impeachment issue in the media without actually having to vote on impeachment.  They know that it is a fool’s errand in the end because there are not 67 votes in the Senate to remove the President from office. But this way she also shields the 20+ Democrats that flipped House seats from Red to Blue in the last election and most of them were very close races and many in districts that Trump won.  It is both unprecedented and, in my opinion, unethical to conduct this activity in this manner. If she has the votes to pass Articles of Impeachment bring them to House floor and put everyone on record with a vote. Otherwise you should see this for what it has become as nothing more than political maneuvering while nothing of substance gets done.

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