I read in the Washington Post that the State Department is reopened the investigation into the email scandal that plagued the Hillary Clinton campaign.  According to the story the investigation has continued and was picked up again in earnest in August as the investigators plowed through millions of emails.  The ones in question were from people that worked in the State Department while Clinton was the Secretary and many of the emails may have contained classified or sensitive information.  My response to all of this is let it go.  It is over.

I think any reasonable person will acknowledge that Clinton made a huge mistake in having a private email server in her house and using that server instead of the secure ones located within the Department.  I think we all questioned her tactic in her providing the emails she deemed important to investigators and then having the served wiped clean.  Remember, the server in question was subpoenaed by the government investigators at the time and she ignored that subpoena and acted on her own. I also think we all know that the revelation of this server damaged her campaign and because she tried to shrug it off and cover it up it became more of an issue.  Sound familiar?

But just as Hillary Clinton won’t let go of the last election and continues to find new reasons and new people to blame for her loss it appears some in the Trump Administration are determined to keep attacking her.  Perhaps they should sit down and call a truce.  She admits that it was her own fault she lost the election and they agree to drop the email issue.  The American public would be better off it that were to occur.

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