Odd and Ends in the Political Arena Today

Hillary Clinton

Is she in or is she out? I have maintained that Hillary Clinton still feels she won the last elections and is entitled to run again. She covets the Presidency and this week she seemed to say that she would not run only to walk that comment back a day later and make it clear she has not withdrawn her name from contention. I suspect she is watching the field closely and unless some other Democrat candidate break clear of the field she may want to jump back in and trade on her name identification.  This is a politician that strongly believes she is entitled to be the President and will not let go of that desire.  There is no doubt that she still commands attention within the party and could raise millions of dollars in a very short period of time.  If the current field of candidates continue to pull the party further and further to the left, she may believe that she can once again offer herself up as the savior of the party and the one that can actually win in 2020.  I hate to break bad news to Ms. Clinton, but most Democrats would like to see her quietly fade into the background and let the next generation of leaders take the reins of the party.  That same advice could be given to Bernie Sanders but just as with Clinton it will fall on deaf ears.  And while we are at it, when will Bernie release his tax returns.  Personally, I don’t think it is necessary, but you cannot demand that Trump show his returns while dodging the question about your own.

I had to add one additional comment on this subject. Hillary Clinton went on a rant in Selma, AL this past weekend and once again found new ways to blame her loss on something other than herself. The Washington Post fact checked her statements and gave her four Pinocchios for her twisting of the facts. You have to hope she can pull the wool over Democrats again and gets the nominations.

Crisis on the Border

Today Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the House Homeland Security Committee and warned the Congress that there is a crisis on our southern border and it is only going to get worse.  It fell on deaf ears to the Democrat members of the committee with Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) referring to the situation as a “non-existent emergency” before even hearing the Secretary’s testimony.  

What she had to say is something all American should be listening to and listening carefully. Here are some of the facts and figures that she offered in her testimony.

  • In 2017 the United States granted asylum to more people than any other nation
  • In the first four months of the fiscal year approximately 60,000 migrants per month either crossed illegally or presented themselves at ports of entry.
  • In February that number increased to 76,000
  • They are overwhelmed with respect to facilities to house these people.
  • The cost of providing medical care to these migrants is exploding.
  • The vast majority of those at the border are no longer single males but family units who must be eventually released into the United States with little to no hope of removing them.
  • They come claiming asylum but only 1 out of 10 are actually granted asylum by an immigration judge but they lack the resources to find and remove those that are not.
  • They now are crossing the border in what are described as “large group” which contain at least 100 people or more.


This is a well-organized effort to gain entry to the United States and the problem is escalating.  If Hillary Clinton had won the Presidency and called for action to stem the tide of illegal immigration the Democrats would be leading the charge to find a resolution to this problem.  But since it is Donald Trump in the White House the Democrats have chosen to ignore the problem and claim there is no crisis. This is more about the 2020 elections than about finding a solution that benefits the American people.

When you look at the demographics of the people crossing the Democrats love to point out how many are women and children.  What they do not seem to think about is the cost of caring for these people.  These women have no real job skills, do not speak the language (some do not speak Spanish but rather a mountain dialect from Central America) and because they have to take care of their children cannot enter the workforce.

I have heard liberals make the claim that our economy is doing so well that we need this influx of immigrants to fill jobs.  These are the same politicians that claim the Trump economy is a false one and will fail. What happens if they are correct and we go into a recession.  What do these immigrants when that happens?  Who will take care of them?  How will local and state government absorb the costs of caring and educating their children?  Remember, under Rodriquez v. San Antonio local school districts must provide for illegal immigrant children and that means scarce resources will have to be diverted to provide the special attention they will require.

When lower income Americans start losing jobs because illegal immigrants will work for less who will provide for those Americans?  It is those entry level jobs that help Americans get into the workforce and start moving up the ladder that will be taken from them.  Is this fair?  According to the elite Democrats it is acceptable because they are not taking their jobs and they view this immigration issue as a political one and not a national one.  They want to use it as a wedge issue trying to garner votes in the Hispanic community.  But when Hispanic Americans start losing jobs and see the social network set up for Americans being used for illegal immigrants, they might start to see the folly in this attitude.

Congress needs to quit playing politics with the issue and provide Homeland Security with the tools it needs to apprehend and deport people entering the nation illegally.  Congress needs to quit sitting on their hands and come together and pass a comprehensive immigration bill.  

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The freshman Congresswoman from New York cannot stay out of news even when she is not trying to be in the news. One of the things she will quickly learn is that once you become a celebrity in politics you get more attention paid to everything you do.  The latest question surrounds how she and her Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, have set up a network of Political Action Committees to raise money and then they transfer the money to a private consulting company.  This allows them to spend the money without the paper trail that would accompany a normal PAC.  Can you imagine the outcry from Democrats and their friends in the media if a Republican engaged in this sleight of hand?  This scheme was exposed by the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative government watchdog group, and they have filed complaints with the Federal Election Committee for an immediate investigation.  

Chakrabarti set up two PACs, Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats and raised money during the campaign. Later he set up two companies, Brand New Campaign LLC and Brand New Congress LLC.   Funds from the PACs were transferred to the private companies which he controls. The address for the PACs and the companies is an address listed as the residence of Chakrabarti.

AOC and Mr. Chakrabarti are even clever in how he is paid as her Chief of Staff.  Congress has rules that require senior staffers to file financial disclosure reports.  This is done to ensure that those in such positions are not using their position for monetary gain.  But the problem is they set a salary limits as the deciding factor on senior staff. That number is $126,000 and AOC and Mr. Chakrabarti have circumvented that rule by paying him less than the amount that would trigger him filing those reports.  That is a clear violation of the intent of the rule.  Mr. Chakrabarti is a multi-millionaire from Silicon Valley and I suspect neither he nor his boss want to have to disclose his financial reports because that might also trigger a look at the two LLCs that he set up to funnel political money through.  

All of this reminds me of George Orwell’s famous book Animal Farm.  It appears that Mr. Chakrabarti is one of those animals that are better than the other animals, but then that is how socialism ends up working.  Those in power live in luxury while telling the rest of the population that they are doing this to better their lives and not their own.  It appears Mr. Chakrabarti and AOC have clearly moved into the farmhouse and are wearing the farmer’s clothes.  And if we are going to mention clothes, I should point out that while I don’t see this as quickly my wife and some of her friends pointed out the cost of some of the clothes this poor bartender from the Bronx is now sporting.  Perhaps one of these LLCs is a source for that expenditure.

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