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If It Is Not One Investigation, It’s Another One

It appears that the Democrats in the House are going full bore on investigating anything and everything related to Trump. It matters not that what they are investigating has something to do with either government or policies of the government. What they want to do is investigate the person and his entire life, putting everything he may or may have done in life under a microscope.

This should be of great concern to the American people. I fully understand that liberals and Democrats detest Donald Trump. I understand that they are still having a hissy fit over him defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016. The fact that Donald Trump was able to beat her should tell them that the problem lies with Democrat nominating someone like her to run for President. She simply was not a good candidate and did not campaign well. The rope around her during a parade turned off half of America at the very least.

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We have spent a full two years in a full investigatory mode with the Mueller investigation at full speed. There are suggestions that this investigation might be winding up and that Mueller will soon be submitting his report to the Attorney General, William Barr. Under the law (you know, the rules that dictate how things are supposed to be done) the Attorney General must submit a summary of the report to the Congress and then can decide how much of the report to make available to the general public. Right on cue, the Democrats have been in the media demanding that the full report is made available to them and the public. This will allow them to dissect the report and spin it in a politically advantageous manner.

I don’t want to suggest that Republicans would behave any differently if the shoe were on the other foot. They would be doing the very same thing but that would not make it right. We saw them in action during the Obama administration conducting investigations into everything they could find. We had Fast and Furious, the Clinton e-mail scandal, Uranium One and on and on. This is what Congress has devolved into. No longer are they looking for ways to better the lives of the American people. Now they focus on investigating the other party and trying to score political points to either maintain political power or to regain political power.

Getting back to the current state of the investigation. There are rumors that the Mueller team has been unable to find any solid evidence that the Trump campaign actually colluded with Russians during the campaign. I have long maintained that I don’t think anyone in the Trump campaign was actually smart enough to collude with Russians. What we heard from Cohen last week was that Roger Stone said he was told by Julian Assange that he had a trove of hacked Democrat emails and was going to release them. It was suggested that he told Trump they would be harmful to the Clinton campaign and Trump was said to have replied: “Good.” That is exactly what I would expect any candidate to say if given that type of news. But it does not prove in any way that the Trump campaign knew that the emails were a result of Russian hacking.


If the Mueller team does not provide conclusive evidence of collusion you can be assured the Democrats will pick right up where they left off. They will say it is their job to investigate Trump and either prove he colluded with Russians or prove that he is unfit to be President. On the latter, I think that a lot of Americans would agree, including many Republicans, but then many Americans think that about every President.

Enter Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the new Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He now views himself as the investigator in chief and will pick up that cudgel to hammer away at President Trump. In a recent interview, he said that his committee now has more than 60 targets to investigate and will expand that to include the Trump family, the Trump businesses and the Justice Department as well. In his words, these investigations will be used “to begin investigations to present the case to the American people about obstruction of justice, corruption, and abuse of power.”

I want to be clear, Congress has the right to investigate where they think there is wrong doing in the government. But what Cong. Nadler is suggesting is that we look at every aspect of the President’s life and try to find some reason to impeach him. If you think this is a proper way for a Congressional committee to act let me suggest a hypothetical scenario for you. Let’s assume that it was Teddy Kennedy that was just elected President in 2016. Do you think these same Democrats would be demanding a thorough investigation into his personal and private life? Do you think they would be wanting to know about how his family made their fortune? Would they be closely examining his sexual history and life? Of course not.

If Mr. Nadler wants to investigate things that have occurred in the government under the Trump administration, then let him do so. That is his prerogative. But to expand that to his personal life and to further expand it to what he feels the Mueller investigation did not provide in the way of Russian collusion is going way too far.

What is happening should send a chilling sensation down the spine of every American. No longer can a man who has been in business for most of his life, amassed a considerable amount of money and then turned to politics be considered acceptable. What we will have is career politicians being the only people they deem qualified to run for President. Is that what we want.

What about looking at the ethics and financial dealings of members of Congress. Just for fun, we can look at Paul and Nancy Pelosi. Earlier in this decade, they participated in multiple IPOs that resulted in pretty hefty profits. One IPO was on VISA at a time that Congress was debating regulations on the credit card companies. They have a net worth that is north of $200 million. I am not suggesting that they did anything illegal at the time but some sure questioned the optics of some of their investments. For many years the Pelosi’s failure to list a number of their investments because the rules did not require them to list them. When they were brought to light, they started appearing on their financial disclosure forms.

We have seen some prominent wealthy Democrats toy with the idea of running for President. Michael Bloomberg is one, Tom Steyer is another. You can be sure their tax returns would produce a lot of juicy items. They would be items that are legal under the tax laws but could certainly be spun by the opposition to mean something negative or even potentially criminal. So why would they bother to run and subject themselves to that type of scrutiny and criticism?


Bernie Sanders has not released his tax returns to date, and you can bet there would be some fun with those given his wife’s history at Burlington College. Nobody seems to question how he and his wife acquired the wealth that allows them to own three nice homes.

My final point is simple. Let Congress investigate things that affect the government and the people and quit looking into every nook and cranny of someone’s personal life to find something to shout about. I think we all know that Donald Trump is a very flawed human being and not someone I would want to emulate in my personal life. I like his policies but wish he would shut his mouth and that someone would take that phone away from him and shut down the Twitter account. And to Mr. Nadler, find something for your committee to do that is important to the American public and will benefit us all.

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