President Trump delivered his State of the Union this week and in the speech, he made the following statement:

“Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence — not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and we will stay free. Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.”

Nothing could have been more music to my ears.  The Democrat party seems to be lurching further and further to left. This week Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) , the darling of the left and the media, offered up her pie in the sky bill. This wonderful proposal would dictate to the people of the United States how they can live and things that they cannot do.  First, they are calling for a “net-zero” carbon emissions.  This means that every building in the nation would have to be either torn down or refitted to make it environmentally acceptable.  Second, she actually has called for ending all commercial air travel.  In its stead there would be a new high-speed rail system that people would use.  I am not sure how the people on Hawaii are going to react to this new system and if you want to travel to another continent the old adage of “slow boat to China” come to mind.  Third, this preposterous political concept calls for a guaranteed source of income for anyone that wants to work and that same guarantee for those that are unwilling to work.  On health care she demands Medicare for all.  You have to wonder about the people in her district who elected her over a pretty savvy legislator in Joseph Crowley.  If he had simply decided to campaign even a little bit, we would all have been saved from this lunatic.


On the Medicare point there seems to be strong support for this from all the potential Democrat Presidential candidates.  They all love promising the voters free things and since millions of them are not currently paying for much this is music to their ears.  But when the American public starts to digest this massive government health program, they grow a bit concerned.  A recent poll said only 13% supported Medicare for all when they were informed, they would have to give up their own private insurance provided by their employer.  And when the union members figure out that the Cadillac health programs they negotiated would go away as well they will be in open revolt.

So how does AOC suggest we pay for all of these government boondoggles.  This comes straight from her mouth in an interview:

She told Business Insider last month that Modern Monetary Theory—which says the government can essentially print and spend as much money as it wants, regardless of budget deficits or national debt—should “absolutely” be “a larger part of our conversation” about paying for her plan.


This is socialism creeping forward.  It is rampant among millennials and they are looking for everything to be free.  They want their student debt to be washed away.  They want their housing provided for them.  They want a guaranteed income whether they work or not.  They want to have everything given to them as if life is now a game where everyone gets a participation trophy.

But AOC is not the only lunatic escaping the asylum. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has her tax plan out and you have got be scratching your head.  AOC called for marginal rates as high as 90% and claims that we have had them that high before but shows her complete ignorance of the tax code because she does not realize that the effective rate was pretty much the same as it is today because of the myriad of deductions available at that time. But getting back to Warren she is now proposing a “wealth” tax.  This is not on income earned which is taxable in the year that you earn the income but on the money you may have accumulated and therefore you should pay an additional tax each year because you have worked hard and accumulated a certain level of wealth.

Democrats are trying to outdo each other in coming up with new ways to tax the American people.  It reminds me of the story about a couple of Democrat Senators sitting on the floor.  Another Senator comes to the floor and seeks recognition.  He wants to discuss a topic they discussed a few weeks ago and asks if could tax the memories of his colleagues to remember this issue.  The one Democrat looks at the other and says, “How come we never thought of that idea?”

Socialism is on the move in the left wing of the Democrat party and the more sensible Democrats that represent people who live in the suburbs and work for a living are concerned that they might get caught up in another political tidal wave that sweeps them out of office.  They have common sense to know that nothing is really free, and someone has to pay for this foolishness.  That ends up being the taxpayers instead of creating jobs and wealth they end up supporting those that chase butterflies have no desire to actually work.  If you think this is not a real movement think again.  A poll in July of last year showed that a majority of young people between 18-29 has a positive view of socialism. 

You have to ask why so many of that generation seem to love socialism and I can only conclude that the fault lies with their parents. This is a generation that benefitted from the wealth and greatness created by the boomer generation.  This is the generation where nobody was allowed to hurt their feelings.  This is the generation where everyone is a winner and gets a trophy.  It is lost on them that life itself is a competition. That competition involves working to get an education, working to support a family and working to provide for yourself in retirement.  To many of the millennials see what their parents have and want all of that right now. They ignore that their parents had to actually work to get what they have.

I think the solution is to send AOC and some of her political allies in the House to live in Venezuela and see how they like those conditions.  A real job might begin to look pretty good to them.

I have one last comment about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  When she was first elected she said she could no afford an apartment in Washington DC until she started getting paid.  I know what apartments cost in DC and I know what she earns as a member of Congress.  She is wearing some very high style clothing every day and I am wondering how that fits into her tight budget?  You don’t get those kind of clothes in a socialist society unless you become one of the pigs living in the farm house.




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