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Previously I wrote about the caravan that is currently in Tijuana and said that if we allow these immigrants to enter the United States you could be sure that another caravan would be soon on the way to our southern border. They have not waited for that to occur and a second caravan is now leaving Honduras and heading to the Guatemalan border. This group has already grown to over 2000 and some predict it will end up with about 10,000 people in it. The caravan is being organized by immigration advocacy groups, primarily “Pueblos Sin Fronteras (aka Village without Borders) ” a group that advocates for open borders.

The reaction in Mexico has been fairly negative. Knowing that the Trump administration is not inclined to allow these immigrants to gain entry to the United States.  The people of Mexico and the Mexican government now realize that they may end up having to pay for the immigrants and find places for them to stay. The population in Tijuana is already weary of the thousands of immigrants piling up in their city and the government is now considering closing the largest immigrant campsite.

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We need to have our Congressional leaders sit down and agree to provide funding for a secure border, including a barrier where needed, open the government and then set a ninety-day deadline to bring a comprehensive immigration bill to floor.

2020 Democrats Lining Up

The number of Democrats jumping into the 2020 Presidential race continues to grow and by the time we get to a series of debates they may outnumber the audience. At the very least they are going to need a very large stage. Here are some of the candidates:

Elizabeth Warren – She wants to be the darling of the left and the female candidate. Unfortunately, she is being eclipsed by other female Democrats in the media. Having a beer with her husband is not going to make her more likable and whether we like it or not people have to like the candidate, or they will not support them, let alone vote for them.

Tulsi Gabbard – I know, you are asking who she is? So is the rest of the country. A congresswoman from Hawaii is an Iraq war veteran but past comments she made about gays is coming back to haunt her. She now says she has evolved.

Kirsten Gillibrand – The New York Senator is trying to tack to the left and is most noted for her involvement in the #meto movement. She lives in the shadow of Chuck Schumer.

Julian Castro – He worked in the Obama administration as the HUD Secretary and his main issue is immigration. Unfortunately, he may find himself on the wrong side of the issue by the time the campaign rolls along.

Beto O’Rourke – everyone is just waiting for this RFK wannabe to jump into the race. He did not do himself any favors by allowing the Washington Post to interview him. Thinking this would be a puff piece from a favorable media outlet he found out that not being able to answer any questions can cause even the those who want to like you to quickly turn on you. In that interview, he wondered if the United States can “still be managed by the same principles that were set down 230-plus years ago” in the Constitution. That got panned by just about everyone.

The field is going to keep growing. Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, and even Hillary Clinton are among those that are considering the race. In the end, I think we will see about 15 or more in the race.

Financial Services Committee

With the Democrats taking over the House the new Chairwoman of the Financial Services Committee is none other than Maxine Waters. We all know Ms. Waters from her numerous rantings about Trump and any other far out cause she can think of on any given day. She is now putting the banks on notice that she will be having more “bank CEOs with their right arm raised” testifying before the Committee.

Now another interesting tidbit on this Committee is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been given a seat on the committee and it will be interesting watching the two of these women vie for the attention of the press.Even Politico is predicting this could go badly. AOC has become the darling of the media and mostly because she is so outspoken and is prone to say some outlandish things. Even the Washington Post has been fact-checking her on a regular basis and recently gave her four Pinocchio’s for her blatantly false claim that the Pentagon had a $21 Trillion slush fund, enough to pay for her Medicare for all scheme. Rather than admit she made a mistake she whined that she was being fact-checked too closely and on 60 Minutes she said it was better to be morally correct on issues than factually correct. She is going to have to learn that she is in the big leagues now and just popping off will get you attention but also derision when you make a big mistake, something she is already very prone to do.

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