Underestimating Trump

A friend of mine on Facebook posted an article by David Brooks in the New York Times.  The article was from March 2016 when it appeared that Trump would be the nominee.  He said that he has no .  His theme was the Trump was unqualified and had no ideas, no policies and is unable to learn.

First of all Brooks is a big time Democrat.

Second, to say that Trump had not ideas or policies is a major mistake. He tapped into middle America talking about policies that affected their lives on a daily basis.  He talked about jobs leaving America and going overseas, mostly manufacturing jobs that blue collar towns throughout the mid-west relied upon for generations.  He talked about immigration that resonated with millions and millions of Americans.  He talked about a bloated and out dated tax code that excited small business owners.

Third, if you remove California from the equation he actually won the popular vote.  America was ready for a change.  They were tired of career politicians mouthing the same old lines and then doing nothing.  Trump did not say the same old things and whether you like him or not he is doing what he said he would do and that is a refreshing change for someone elected to an office.

Now let’s look at things a little over a year after he took office.  The market continues to surge upward (more a result of the FED policy on cheap money than either Obama or Trump), the economy is growing at a 3%+ rate and never exceeded 3% in the eight years of Obama, illegal immigration is actually decreasing with the threat of arrest and deportment, the tax code has been simplified and updated.  All of these policies get high marks in polls when they are singled out without attribution to Trump.

Trump himself remains someone that is probably not suited for the Presidency.  His bombastic style starts to wear thin and constantly attacking people eventually turns people off.

In 2016 the candidate Brooks supported went down in defeat to someone as bad as Trump and that should tell everyone what the public thought of Hillary Clinton.  Even today she cannot acknowledge that she lost the election because of who she was and the policies she stood for.  Last week in India she continued to insult the voting public basically saying they were uninformed and ignorant.  She said she won in the districts that were forward looking and full of educated people.  This is exactly what turns people off to her and other Democrats of her ilk.  They are elitists and view themselves as the only ones capable of governing.  They look at middle-America as fly over states.

Trump is a very flawed human being but the antagonism shown towards him by liberals only endears him to his supporters.  They attack every idea he has without any consideration of it being good or bad.  Obama championed reducing the corporate rate to 22% and yet when Trump and Republicans reduce it to 21% it is suddenly a giveaway to corporations.

I would like to see Trump announce he will not run again and then just try for a short while to be Presidential.  I hope he does not run and allows someone else to move the cause forward.  But Democrats will set themselves up if they run someone pushing them to the hard left.  The country has been and remains just right of center.  In Pennsylvania a Democrat won a congressional seat in a solid Republican district by being pro-gun, pro-tariff and basically being a moderate.  It helped he had a pathetic opponent.  The real war will now begin in the Democrat party about what type of candidates can run and win.  The Left wants only those moving hard to the left. They may win a short term victory but will ultimately lose because the overall the American public wants less government in their lives.

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