Gerrymandering – Who Does It?

The Supreme Court is now considering cases on gerrymandering in Maryland and Wisconsin.  This is a test case that Democrats have been demanding but they refuse to admit that they have actively engaged in gerrymandering congressional and legislative seats as much as Republicans have engaged in the practice.  The problem, from a Democrat perspective, is… Continue reading Gerrymandering – Who Does It?


Underestimating Trump

A friend of mine on Facebook posted an article by David Brooks in the New York Times.  The article was from March 2016 when it appeared that Trump would be the nominee.  He said that he has no .  His theme was the Trump was unqualified and had no ideas, no policies and is unable… Continue reading Underestimating Trump


Tariffs and the Oscars

Just a couple of thoughts on some issues that are arising this week. TARIFFS President Trump has announced that he is willing to engage in a trade war with several nations.  The first one is China.  The Chinese have long benefitted by our trade policies which allowed them to become a major manufacturing center for… Continue reading Tariffs and the Oscars