Freedom vs Oppression

A recent study by a foundation found that nearly half of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist or even communist country rather than one that is based on capitalism.  Is this shocking to anyone?  The same study showed that a majority of them admired Josef Stalin and Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea.  They held a favorable opinion of Karl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto.

Now let’s be clear.  All of these “snowflakes” have never lived in one of these nations. It is very easy to sit at your local watering hole sipping your drink and berate capitalists.  My guess is if they had to actually live in a country like Venezuela, North Korea, China or Russia they might change their tune very quickly.  A little hard labor, starvation diet and restrictions on what they could actually do and think might bring them back to reality.

The real question is why this attitude is so prevalent among this generation.  I suspect you will find it rooted in our higher education system.  You can also find it based in the rantings of some politicians.  In the United States Bernie Sanders campaigned on this idea and describes himself as a Socialist.  He energized millions of young people and told them they needed to change a world where inequality existed.  Basically, he said you need to take things from one person and give them to another.  Of course, he and his wife don’t really practice this theory unless you call taking money from a bank and the Diocese in Vermont to enrich themselves a sort of practice of socialism.  This wave is not confined to the United States.  It has spread in Europe and Great Britain as well.  Again, in Great Britain it is some aging white guy, Jeremy Corbyn, that preaches this inequality and the need to overthrow the system.

Socialism and communism are not new.  They have been around for ages and we have seen movements like this in the past.  In the end, they all fail.  They fail because they take away the individual and replace him with the group.  Human nature being what it is there will soon be anger and resentment towards the ones that don’t put forth the same effort.  Anyone that has read George Orwell’s classic “Animal Farm” knows that in socialist systems some become more equal than others.  That “more equal” means better housing and better food.  If you want an immediate example take a look at an average North Korean and then look at Kim Jong-un.  He is certainly eating better than his citizens.

Another point of evidence is migration.  Socialist and communist governments get set up in nations and it does not take long for people to begin trying to escape.  Does anyone think the Berlin Wall and the fence separating East and West Germany was set up to keep people from entering the communist state?  Do you see South Koreans trying to escape to North Korea in large numbers?

So, we turn back to one of my first thoughts.  Why are so many young people thinking that these government systems are preferable.  I believe that our education system if proliferate with educators that believe this and they pass these ideas along to young people at the very earliest ages.  I went to a Holiday Concert for my granddaughter yesterday.  She is in elementary school.  The songs they sung were an African spiritual song, a song from Russia, one from Nicaragua and finally one in English.  The directors told the audience that we have a very diverse student body and so we have to honor all of these nations and languages.  This is a subtle point, in my opinion, that somehow the United States is bad and these other places are good.  Again, I look at migration of people.  How many Americans are trying to go live in Africa, Russia or Nicaragua?

At the collegiate level, I think most people understand that the educators, the professors, tend to be more liberal than the general public.  In many cases they are people who have not been successful in the real world so they retreat to the colleges to teach and their views are colored by their own failures.  It was not their fault they failed but the system and therefore you have to change the system to allow people like themselves to succeed.  Students at universities and colleges around this nation receive a steady drumbeat about inequality in our nation and how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Capitalism is the problem and must be taken down.  Being young and still trying to formulate their own views on such subjects all to many fall into the trap of listening to these bitter people.

The entire history of the United States has been based on the idea of individualism.  We have celebrated the reliance on human independence and right of each person to pursue their dreams without the government restricting them.  We have not always been successful in this venture and government has crept more and more into our lives limiting out activities but overall, we still have the chance to do what we want to do and accomplish what we are capable of accomplishing.  There is a reason so many innovative ideas are generated in our nation and that much of the great research and development done in the world is initiated here in the United States.  Collectivism, which is what socialism and communism are, dampens the individual spirit and places the group ahead of any individual, no matter how talented or creative that individual might be.

At some point in time the American public is going to have to make a decision.  Are we going to continue to tolerate this mind washing of our young people?  Are we going to tolerate this idea that the United States is evil and these other countries are better?  That means not sitting on your hands and just accepting what they are doing while teaching young people.  It means calling them out.

To these millennials that say they prefer socialism I would ask them to go live there for a while.  It is not theoretical.  Go see how it actually works and I suspect you will take a different view.  Go find out how some become more equal than others and the masses are there to support those that have become their superiors.  Try living in Venezuela with the food shortages and corruption, try living in North Korea with total suppression of individual liberty and then try Russia where the political mechanism and the oligarchs control every aspect of life.  You think it would be utopian and that everything would be fair and equal but history has shown us over and over that it will not be the case.

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