Is The Media Biased?

Over the last ten or so years there has been a constant drumbeat about a liberal bias in the media. Liberals, of course, will deny such a thing exists and instead point to Fox News as a purveyor of “Fake News” and other conservative biases.  I will be the first to admit that Fox News does skew to the right but for anyone to deny that the major broadcast networks (CBS, NBC, ABC) and cable news networks such as CNN and MSNBC are not heavily tilted to the left is evidence of someone in complete denial.  To prove my point I would only use some examples from recent days.

We have all heard about the attack on Sen. Rand Paul by his neighbor.  This attack left Sen. Paul with multiple broken ribs and other injuries.  The reason for the attack is still being investigated but it appears it was some dispute between neighbors over yard waste.  But all of us should be appalled by such an attack on anyone let alone a sitting U.S. Senator that was simply doing yard work at his home in Kentucky.  But MSNBC’s Capitol Hill reporter, Kasie Hunt, seemed to be delighted by the attack and was quoted as saying “New details today on the incident that left Senator Rand Paul with six broken ribs – this might be one of my favorite stories, ” Of course when she was called on this comment she began to backtrack and apologize for her statement.  But the damage was done and she had already let the cat out of the bag on her bias.  Clearly, if this had happened to someone like Chuck Schumer she would be demanding a full investigation and blaming it on conservatives or President Trump.  So you would expect some form of discipline from the network but so far none had been forthcoming.

Then we have another MSNBC “journalist” making an equally stupid statement.  To be honest it was much more stupid.  Joy Reid, of MSNBC, thinks that rural Americans are a core threat to our democracy.  MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin backs her up by tweeting over the weekend that “By 2040, about 70% of Americans are expected to live in the 15 largest states. They will have only 30 senators representing them, while the remaining 30% of Americans will have 70 senators representing them,” What both of them are trying to say is that urban Americans should have more power than their fellow rural citizens because they have more people.  I would suggest that both take some time to read the Federalist papers and gain a better understanding of our Constitution and how our nation was formed.  It is precisely this argument that was rejected by our Founding Fathers.  At that time Boston, New York, and Philadelphia were the population centers and other states had no desire to allow this form of tyranny by an urban majority.  Hence, we have the House of Representatives and the Senate.  The House is elected by the people and urban areas will have more representatives based on their population.  The Senate was designed to represent states and until the early 1900’s Senators were elected by State Legislatures.

Next, we have a Washington Post reporter, Janell Ross, giving a presentation as secret California gathering of Democrat politicians, liberal activists, and liberal donors.  The Democracy Alliance, according to Politico, is a group that tries to be hush-hush about their meetings and what they are discussing but their goal is to coordinate donations and efforts on behalf of liberal candidates.  So the question is why would a reporter be addressing this group?  She sat on a panel that discussed the topic of “getting the economic narrative right.”  Her employer, the Washington Post, said they did not know of her involvement in the conference and that they discourage any partisan activity like that.  You can stop laughing any time now.  What they should have done is terminate her because she can no longer be viewed as an unbiased journalist in covering political events.

I could keep going and I think that most honest people will admit that the major media outlets tend to have a liberal bias.  I suspect part of that is the training they receive and the mindset that puts them into a media career.  They are looking to break the big story or expose about some company or famous person.  Couple that with the fact that most of the major news organizations are located in large urban centers and you find people that are trending heavily towards the left.  In the last two Presidential elections (2008 and 2016) the media went heavily in the tank for the Democrat candidate.  With Barrack Obama, they became enthralled with his speeches and the notion that they were covering history with the election of the first African American President.  They fawned over every speech he made and gave him glowing coverage.  John McCain, and later Mitt Romney, were skewered as right-wingers. (interesting that now McCain is considered a moderate and Romney a wise statesman by the same press)  In the last election, the press jumped on the Trump bandwagon during the primaries.  He was good for ratings and readers and they covered every word he said.  Nobody (me included) felt that he really had a chance but strange things happen and he won the primary to become the Republican nominee.  Now the press pivoted and began to take him apart.  Hillary was their candidate and once again history was going to be written with the first woman President.  You need only go back and watch the coverage of the election returns and the demeanor of the press that night.  They were shocked and some close to tears.  They kept shaking their heads in disbelief and only reluctantly calling some key states for Trump.

Now that Trump has been President they have been on the full attack.  I will acknowledge that he brings some of this on himself and I am on record as wishing he would stop the tweeting an attack on the media.  But the coverage of the Trump Presidency has been extremely negative and I suspect that he could propose something that everyone really liked and they would still denounce it.  The media has pounced on his call to reduce the corporate rate.  The New York Time, on October 9 Op-ED, stated that it would not create jobs and was foolish.  They conveniently forget that Barrack Obama called for reducing the corporate rate to get it in line with other nations.

My point in this blog piece is simple:  There is a strong bias in the media that tilts to the left and by ignoring it the liberals and Democrats are only damaging themselves because most of middle America has figured this out.

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