Hillary and the Blame Game

It is finally time for all of my liberal and Democrat friends to start speaking up and tell Hillary Clinton to please sit down and go away. The litany of excuses that she is putting forward for her stunning loss last November grows each day.  Just to summarize some of the list:

  • James Comey jumps out on the list. Of course he was the hero when he declined to prosecute on the email issue but then when emails showed up on Anthony Weiner’s computer he was forced to reopen the case for a fresh look.  If he had not done this the Republicans would have cried cover up and when he did the Democrats cried intervention.  Comey became the scapegoat and was hated by Democrats until Trump fired him and suddenly he was their hero again.
  • Matt Lauer makes the list because he had the audacity to ask her tough questions in an interview. She was particularly incensed about him bringing up the email scandal.  In her book she writes “I can’t say I didn’t fantasize about shaking some sense into Lauer while I was out there,”  Please, what was he supposed to do?  Fawn over her and tell her what a wonderful President she was going to be and urge his viewers to vote for her?
  • The Democratic National Committee did not escape her wrath. She said they were basically worthless.  Now this is selective memory because Bernie Sanders had every right to be upset about the DNC basically rigging the primary system to ensure that Clinton would be the nominee.
  • The Russians always come up as getting a large portion of the blame. It is amazing how effective the Russians were at getting people to change their minds and switch from voting for Clinton and then voting for Trump.  It is almost like they had someone standing at every polling place and scaring people into voting against Hillary Clinton.
  • Fake news gets some blame from Hillary but she seems to forget that the vast majority of this so-called fake news shows up on social media and Facebook is the biggest culprit. The primary owner of Facebook was a Clinton supporter as were most of the other social media moguls.
  • Wikileaks does not escape from being blamed. After all, they were the ones that leaked the John Podesta emails that started the entire email scandal.  She neglects to either mention or comprehend that it was someone in Podesta’s office that opened the door to getting his emails by clicking a pfishing link suggesting he change his Gmail account password.
  • Jill Stein gets some blame because the Green Party candidate had no business running in the election because she was siphoning votes away from Hillary.
  • Bernie Sanders gets lots of blame for the same reason. How did he have the nerve to run in the Democrat primary when he is not even a Democrat?. He energized the far left, particularly the younger ones, and turned them against Clinton when it became obvious that the DNC was working with Clinton and that Donna Brazile had leaked questions that would be asked of the two Democrat candidates during a primary debate.

This list could get longer but I did want to bring up the two latest ones that go clearly over the top.  There seems to be nothing that is out of bounds in her blame game.

  • She has suggested that it was women voters that did not vote for her and that intellectual font of information on the View, Joy Behar, backed her up. The reasons women did not voter for her are almost amusing if they were not insulting. One of the reasons is that, wait for this, their husbands and bosses told them not to vote for Hillary Clinton. This is the paragon of feminism basically insulting every woman who did not vote for her by suggesting they are not capable of determining which candidate to support. These women were quaking in their shoes as they entered the voting booth and had some innate fear that their husband or boss (only male bosses) would somehow know what they did in the secret balloting system we have in this country.  Clinton then decried white women voters in particular as having abandoned her and the Democrat Party.
  • You have to appreciate Joy Behar on this entire issue.  On the View the issue of Hillary and her marriage to Bill came up and Joy said it was nobody business and relationships between couples should not be discussed by anyone else.  This is the same Joy Behar that openly wondered why Melanie Trump would stay with someone like Donald Trump.  I guess the privacy only extends to the Clintons.
  • The second one that came out in the past two days was the Electoral College. This allows her to fall back to a familiar refrain of winning the popular vote but losing the election.  I guess she was unaware of how the Electoral College worked when she decided that she did not need to campaign in Wisconsin.  After all, Wisconsin was a solid Blue state and she did not have to worry.  She was not worried about Michigan, Iowa and Pennsylvania either.  Make no mistake, Clinton did win the popular vote.  But if you subtract California she loses the vote.  Take out New York and she loses in a landslide. This is why the Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College.  It was to prevent the more populous cities from overwhelming the rest of the country. I do not pretend that the interests of the people in North Dakota are the same as those in New York, or the people in Georgia think the same as those in California.  The same could be said about a myriad of states.  We are a collection of different interests, both economically and socially, and the current system ensures that all are represented.

If I were a Democrat I would cringe every time she shows up to do an interview.  She is intent on reliving the campaign and telling everyone that will listen that it was not her fault she lost. After all, she was the anointed one and it was her destiny to be the first female President.  She continues to want to dominate the news for Democrats and make herself relative and important in the process.  She protests that she is done with elective politics but many of my friends on the left are not convinced.  They think she is priming the pump for a groundswell of opinion to urge her to run again for the third time. (think Eugene McCarthy) For Hillary Clinton it is about money and power. The longer she stays in the news the more money she can accumulate and the more power she is able to exert in Democrat circles.

Hillary Clinton seems to be incapable of accepting that she lost the election because she had high negatives from the beginning and did nothing to dispel that fact. She ignores that she ran a campaign devoid of any real content.  Whether you like Donald Trump or not you have to admit that in the final month of the campaign he found a theme and that was jobs.  Hillary’s theme was to vote against Donald Trump. She never gave the voters a reason to vote for her.

Now she is on a book tour where she is charging as much as $1500 a person for attending with a photo op with her. With everything that is going on in the country right now you would think she might figure out that she looks a bit greedy. If I were advising her I would recommend donating all proceeds from the book to victims of Harvey and Irma. That would show some actual compassion. But it would not fatten her bank account.

In the end Hillary is going to do what the Clintons do and that is try to stay in the public eye and share the limelight. She will not go quietly into the night and that should scare every Democrat since it prevents the next generation from moving forward.

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  1. Great entry. Of her many phony comments my favorite was when she was confronted by a coal miner calling her out for saying earlier she would put them out of a job. Talk about double talk!

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