The events in Charlottesville have dominated the news and I have been at two charity golf events with limited time to access the news. I have taken the time to review what has happened and think about how I would approach this situation.

First, and foremost, there is no place in our society for anyone that thinks one race of people is superior to another. That is goes against everything I have been taught in life. I am a member of the LDS (Mormon) Church. The Church issued a strong statement denouncing the thought that one race would be superior to another and made it very plain that God loves all his children. I don’t know why we have various races on our planet but as a devout Christian I know that God created us all and that we are all equal.

I am offended when I see someone marching with a Nazi flag. These idiots have no appreciation for what their grandfathers went through to ensure that the beliefs that flag raises were defeated and were never to be part of a free society. I would also suggest that many of the idiots carrying that flag and raising their hands in a Nazi salute would have found themselves being marched to the gas chambers by the Nazis of Germany in the 1930’s. But looking at them on TV I don’t think many of them have read much history.

I have a solution for how to address these mindless idiots. We should have let them have their march but it should have been ignored. By that I mean no cameras, no counter marchers and no media. Let them march in a vacuum. If we pay them no attention they don’t get what they want: Attention.

Second, it appears that we are going through a period where we are going to sanitize our history. People are demanding that any statue representing someone from the Confederacy or a slaveholder should be torn down. Exactly what will this accomplish? Are we going to tear down the Jefferson Memorial because Thomas Jefferson held slaves? Are we going to change the names of universities? Slavery was a part of our history and no matter how badly it reflects on us as a nation we cannot erase it from history nor should we. It should be a constant reminder to us of the mistakes we made and to never allow them to be repeated.

The real issue before us is what causes a seemingly normal person to turn into someone who thinks one races is superior to another. What are we doing that allows this type of hate to form in the heart of a person. Make no mistake, this type of hate forms in people of all persuasions. Is it economic disparity? Is it some social policy that needs to be looked at? Whatever it is we should be trying to resolve the root of the problem to prevent people from allowing this seed of hatred to form in their hearts.

I have two wonderful granddaughters that are part Filipino. Would they be the subjects of hatred from these white supremacist groups? They are beautiful young women who have their lives in front of them and dreams and aspirations of things to accomplish. Christina, the older one, hopes to one-day play softball at my alma mater, Brigham Young University. To that effect she wears something with BYU on it just about every day. Her younger sister is more artistic and loves to sing and draw. Who knows what she could accomplish in this world. But my point to these idiots that marched in Charlottesville is that you are no better than these two young girls and in fact you are probably not as good as them since I suspect they will grow up to be much better people.

My last comment is to President Trump. There is no defending anyone that claims to be a white supremacists or anyone that holds a Nazi flag in their hand. They are not to be accepted by our society. I am fully aware of the First Amendment right they have but that is why I say we should just ignore them and not give them the attention they crave. Hopefully they will eventually fade away.

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