As I got older I started listening to country music. It was a natural transition from the music of the 50’s and 60’s where the songs told a story and you could actually hear the words. Tammy Wynette had a song called D-I-V-0-R-C-E. The story was that she and her husband were going through a divorce and did not want their four year old to realize what was happening and be afraid.

Today in the political world we see that happening between the Republican Party and President Trump. I supported Donald Trump for one single reason. The Supreme Court. The nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch makes me realize that decision was correct. In the voting booth I hesitated because I was not enamored with Donald Trump but I feared the vision of Hillary Clinton more and so in the end I checked the box for Trump. It was not something I did with great enthusiasm but I did it nonetheless.

I believe, and I think the data will support me, that this nation sits just right of center politically. What Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were offering was a vision that would take the nation hard to the left. Barrack Obama had started us down the path with the Federal Government taking a heavy hand in regulating how we live and what we are allowed to think. The political correctness crowd was in full bloom and emboldened by the policies of Obama and anyone that would dare to differ with their thought process was labeled a racist or bigot. Anyone speaking outside of their political cocoon was to be silenced by either shouting them down or with actual violence. Some of my liberal friends defend this as their right to protest. The irony is they look at Donald Trump and like to call him a Fascist but their actions tend to fit that description more than him.

I have waited for about seven months to see if Donald Trump could become President Trump. There would be flashed of it but overall he is still Donald Trump, the brash New York real estate developer that thinks that he can bully and defame people into doing what he wants them to do. I am sure this tactic worked in his particular business world but it will not work in the world of Presidential leadership.

This nation cries out for a leader. It has been a long time since we had someone in the Oval Office that was a leader, a person that could inspire people to follow him, and unite the country behind him. The last one to inspire us to those heights, in my opinion, was Ronald Reagan. I am sure that much of it was his ability to communicate with the American public and for that reason he was called the Great Communicator. Since that time we have had five other Presidents.

George H.W. Bush was a wonderfully kind man and had a wealth of experience behind him when he came to the White House. But he lost the American public with his now famous quip of “read my lips, no new taxes” only to turn right around and increase taxes. It does not matter if he was right or wrong on that issue, it was that he broke is word and with that lost the ability to lead the nation.

Bill Clinton came to the White House as this brash young politician from Arkansas. He got the Democrat nomination because most of the more seasoned candidates in his party felt Bush could not be defeated and so he won by default. The Gulf War, which had allowed the Bush ratings to soar, became his downfall and Clinton won. I don’t need to go into the details of how and why he lost the ability to be a great leader. He became the butt of all kinds of jokes and Democrats were forced to defend him by saying his personal life had nothing to do with him being President and the long list of sexual abuse allegations were between him and his wife.   Bill Clinton was a great politician, one of the best in modern history, but not a leader.

George W. Bush was the former Governor of Texas who ascended to the White House in one of the most controversial elections in our history. Even today many on the left say he stole the election from Al Gore even though every analysis of the votes in Florida say he won. But that alone denied him the ability to lead the nation. It actually started the divide that continues today.

Barrack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States and the first black President in our history. He more than anyone else had a chance to become a leader. He had campaigned on the vision of hope. I did not vote for Obama but I sincerely hoped that he would bring this nation together. Instead he veered hard left and opened up the chasm between the right and left. He believed that he knew what was best for us and even if we did not know it ourselves he would force us to accept that change. He left us a divided nation and set the stage for Donald Trump to be elected President.

That brings us to President Donald Trump. Unfortunately I have concluded that he will not be a leader of the nation and will not even be able to lead his own party.   He lacks the ability to bring people together to compromise and even when that might be possible he finds a way to blow it up. He divides us with his constant barrage of tweeting out whatever crosses is mind at that moment and seems to have surrounded himself with people that are more interested in pushing their agenda than fostering unity and growth in the nation.

The collapse of the healthcare bill in the Senate was a clear show of how he thought he could handle the government. He demanded that Senators vote the way he wanted and threatened them politically if they failed. It did not work and it will never work.

I will also say, just to be fair, that the Democrats in the Congress are united in their efforts to thwart anything that President Trump proposes. It could actually be something good for the country and they would still step up to the microphone and give us a litany of reasons on why they cannot support it. I mentioned Justice Neil Gorsuch. This was a classic case of failure by the Democrats. Here was a nominee for the Court that was well qualified and should be confirmed. But instead of looking to the future they looked backward and complained about how Merrick Garland was treated so they would do everything to appease the far left in their party and try to block Gorsuch. They failed because they forced Republican Leader McConnell to change the rule and allow Supreme Court nominees to be confirmed with a simple majority. So if there is another vacancy on the Court that is how it will be done. If Justice Kennedy should retire (there are rumors) or Justice Ginsburg’s health worsen the next nominee will simply need 51 votes to be confirmed and should that nominee come from Trump it will dramatically change the Court.

So now we come back to the original theme today. Trump seems determined to go off by himself, listening to the sirens of whatever catches his attention that day, and divorce himself from the rest of the Republican Party. I have never believed he is a true Republican but he ran under that mantle and is listed as such in all the documentation. He is not leading the country and certainly not uniting us in the way that is needed.

So we move forward with a President that is losing support in his own party and has the opposition party united in an effort to oppose everything and anything he proposes. It leaves us the citizens of this nation as the ones that are getting a D-I-V-O-R-C-E from our political leaders and we have to spell it out so as not to scare ourselves and our children.

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