The Tweeting Has Got To Slow Down

I think that every time I try to rationalize the actions of President Trump he ratchets up either the rhetoric or an outlandish tweet.  He did that again today with the altered video from years ago where he wrestled with Vince McMahon from the Word Wide Wrestling.  In this instance he or someone covered McMahon’s head with the CNN logo.  It was to make it appear that the President was slamming a CNN reporter, or CNN in general, to the ground.

I am sure someone thought this would be original and funny but I found it to be in poor taste and beneath the dignity of the office Mr. Trump holds.  He is the President of the United States and not the star of some reality TV show.  At some point in time he has to accept some basic facts.

  1. He won the election so he does not need to concern himself with the media to the level that he appears to do. He needs to respect the office of the President and act in a manner that reflects the dignity of the office.  Arguing with the media anytime they take a jab or poke fun at him will not be a winning strategy in the long term.  Yes, it will amuse his base of supporters and they will laugh with him but to independents and more moderate Republicans it will eventually turn them off and make them turn off him as the President.
  2. He needs to accept that the majority of the media in this country did not support him and did not want him to win. They liked covering his campaign because it was entertaining and brought in good ratings on the TV side of that coverage.  Once he won they were aghast and felt like they may have contributed to his winning by covering him so much.  All of us can remember how the media flocked to every event he held and gave him 24 hour cover to cover coverage.  His opponent was not nearly as entertaining and in fact she avoided the press whenever possible while Trump coveted them.  He will never get treated fairly by the media but if he lets them alone they will eventually turn off the public just as he risks turning them off now.
  3. We have multiple critical issues facing this country and how the media covers his administration is simply not that important. If you push your agenda through actions will speak much louder than their words of criticism.  What the voting public wants to see is leadership on issues like the budget, immigration and health care.  They want to see a fair tax reform plan, one that will benefit the middle class and stimulate the growth in the economy that has been lacking.
  4. My last point on this subject is one that I have mentioned before. Time and again the President gets caught misstating crucial facts.  This is the job of his staff.  They have to make sure that what he has in front of him is correct and cannot be refuted.  He has to have the discipline not to blurt out things that have not been properly vetted by the staff.  If he gets false information from the staff then he needs to use his trademark phrase and say to that staff member “Your Fired.”

Now I challenge anyone to prove that the media has been fair to this administration.  Their attacks have been relentless and as was shown earlier this week many of them are proven to be false.  The CNN reporters jumped to quick with an anonymous source who provided them unsubstantiated claims.  Because in the 24 hour news cycle they feel they are in a race with everyone else and they want the scoop that produces the ratings they jumped the gun and ended up having to retract the story.  To the President I would say that was all you needed to feel vindicated.  You did not need to point anything out because CNN’s competitors were only to happy to point it out for you.

I don’t think that President Trump will stop using social media and he will continue to tweet.  I would hope that someone he respects enough will tell him to temper that urge and do it more moderately.  Then he might actually see some wins and force the media to acknowledge that he is getting done things that he both promised and the American public want done.

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