Roll Call

The political pundits and talking heads debated this week on how many people were at the Inauguration on Friday and how many people were at the Women’s March on Saturday. I am not sure why this is an important topic but apparently it is important to some people.

First, I will state that in my opinion there were more people at the first Obama Inauguration in 2009 than at the Trump Inauguration last week. That was to be expected because we had just elected our first black President and the African American community turned out at the polls and at the Inauguration in record numbers. Trump win was momentous due to the fact that nobody expected him to win. All the pollster and pundits gave him absolutely no chance.

Second, if I could give some advice to President Trump I would tell him that he does not have to engage in every little squabble and does not have to try and be right on every little detail. Also, his staff does not have to engage in warfare with the media. Guess what, the printed press buy their ink by the barrel and the visual media have the airwaves twenty-four hours a day. You will lose these battles.

Third, the CIA was not the venue to get into that squabble. Should not have engaged in it all but that was definitely not the place. You were there to make nice with the intelligence community and not get into an inane debate over attendance at the Inauguration.

I want President Trump to succeed, just as I would want any President to succeed because I am American citizen before I am a member of a political party. I disagreed with Obama politically but I did not wish him failure. His own weaknesses caused his failure and I hope Trump can overcome his weaknesses and not fall into the trap of thinking you always have to be right. We just endured eight years of that mentality.

So Mr. President, you won the election. Now be the President.

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