Inauguration Day Decorum

We are now about a week away from the Inauguration of a new President. It is a unique ceremony that takes place every four years in the United States and it sends a signal throughout the world that power, meaning the ability to lead the government, is something that is transitory in our nation and the transference of that power is done in a peaceful and respectful manner.

The election this past November was one that produced a result that shocked many in the nation. If you were to listen to the pollsters and the pundits you would have been convinced that Hillary Clinton would win the election and it would not be close. On the political left they were preparing for a coronation and discounted the Republican opponent as a mere annoyance on the path to continuing a Democrat in the White House. But as they like to say in the movies, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. As the election results began to come in Donald Trump was being declared the winner in states that were considered locks for Hillary Clinton. The first key state in that domino effect was North Carolina. Then came Ohio although that was not a huge surprise. Next was Florida and that got the pundits covering the election talking in a different tone. Now the path to a win was being discussed not just for Hillary Clinton but also for Donald Trump. Then the real news began to cascade down and one by one the blue wall in the Midwest began to crumble from Democrat control as they supported Donald Trump. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and finally Michigan voted to elect Trump. As we got late in the evening of election night the pundits were now reluctantly closing the door on the chance of Hillary Clinton winning and were now glumly discussing what a Trump administration would look like in the new year.

I mention all of this because it is the backdrop of what is happening today. Because the media was so confident in a Clinton victory the general public, and especially the activists on the left, shared that confidence and therefore decided that they could not accept the results of the election. Forget that their candidate, when she was expected to win, had demanded that her opponent respect the traditions of American and accept the will of the voters. After the stunning loss she reiterated this sentiment but with far less vigor.

I read articles where activists are calling for mass demonstrations in Washington on the day of the Inauguration. They make no bones that their intent is to create chaos and to disrupt the inaugural process as much as possible. They are not interested in a peaceful transition of power but rather in imposing their will and political desires upon the nation. Of course nothing will actually stop the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. What they will try to succeed in doing is to make a travesty of this traditional ceremony and hopefully they will be thwarted in these efforts. As with tradition the Park Service has limited the ability of any protestors to disrupt any inauguration. They realize the importance of the day and attach no political bias to it. They would limit demonstration permits no matter who was being inaugurated.

I would expect that politicians on the left would begin to denounce any effort to disrupt the inauguration. I know they would be outraged if such activities were being planned against a Democrat being inaugurated. I will not hold my breath for this denunciation because is seems they are quietly smiling and hoping that there is strong opposition to Donald Trump being inaugurated. My biggest fear is the precedent that we would be setting. We have to ensure that any President can be brought into office in a peaceful and calm manner.

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