On the 5th Day of Recounts the Liberals Said to Me

There is so much to talk about out there today that it can become overwhelming.

First. The topic of the day remains liberals trying last gasp attempts to thwart the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. I was not a huge fan of Trump but I realize that he won and as an American I am now behind him and wish him well. I did prefer him over Hillary Clinton for purely political reasons. First they conspired with Jill Stein to ask for recalls in the states that normally vote for a Democrat but for some reason went for Donald Trump. You notice there were no recall efforts in states that went for Clinton even though some did with smaller margins. But that failed. In Wisconsin they did the recount and Trump actually gained votes.

In Michigan they got a federal judge to order the recount only to have he reverse himself when the Michigan courts said that Stein had no standing to ask for a recount. (the Clinton campaign wanted the recount but did not want the embarrassment of asking for it) What did occur in the initial efforts in Michigan was some voting irregularities in Detroit. It seems more ballots were counted than people voting. Turns out polling workers seemed to think that the machine did not scan the ballot so they would run it through multiple times. But the machine, being just a machine, did actually count each time they ran it through. This would have disqualified these precincts from being recounted but it appears Ms. Clinton would have lost votes there as well.

In Pennsylvania saner heads prevailed and the legal system actually applied the laws of the state to block any recount effort. Imagine that, they read the law and said no.

So the recount did not work so they now turn to the electors. One foolish elector in Texas was seeking his moment in the sun and said he would violate his commitment and vote for someone other than Trump. He was not voting for Clinton but just some other Republican, perhaps John Kasich. Suddenly this took fire and liberals started campaigning to contact Trump electors and urge them to become “faithless electors” and change their vote. Some were urging them to vote for Clinton and other urging them to vote for another Republican. We have a video out now with Hollywood celebrities urging electors to change their vote because this is what the Founding Fathers wanted. A week before they were denouncing the Electoral College as antiquated and out of touch and today they are praising it and citing the intent (because they are Constitutional scholars) as they urged electors to vote their conscience.

Simultaneously we have the Russian hacking issue. There seems to be an inter-agency squabble on this one. The CIA leaked a memo to the Washington Post and New York Times saying they believed that Russian hackers attempted to influence the election and favor Trump. The FBI says they believe there was hacking but they are not as convinced as the CIA about the intent. The National Director of Intelligence says that there is no convincing evidence yet of who hacked and their intent.

Julian Assange, someone I have no respect for, came out and said their source was not the Russian government and the same liberals that praised him when he was leaking other things immediately dismissed him.

The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, charged with oversight of the CIA, asked them to come and brief the committee on their findings. They refused. Their reason was they will not be offering comment to Congress until after they have completed their review of possible foreign interference in U.S. elections since 2008. What. So they think this has been going on since 2008 and nobody said anything. Only when the Democrats lose an election they thought they won do we hear about this possible interference. By not briefing the committee they allow liberals to beat the drum that there is something nefarious out there and nobody has any real facts.

The summary of all these efforts by liberals is they are slowly coming to grips with the facts. They nominated a flawed candidate who ran a terrible campaign and the result is she lost. But they cannot accept that Trump will be the President so they are making every effort to delegitimize him as the winner. I did not think he would get the nomination let alone with the Presidency but guess what, he won both.

If you want to do irreparable damage to the American political system all you have to do is have the Electoral College undo the will of the American people. Once that genie is out of the box you cannot put it back in and every future Presidential election will be subject to the same campaigns and efforts. If Trump does not get the required 270 and neither does another candidate the election goes to the House of Representatives where Trump will be elected. But if they switched votes and Clinton were declared the winner there would be civil war in this country.   Is that what liberals really want?

Moving on there was a story in the Washington Post today about a group of Trump supporters wanting to host an inaugural ball the night before the inauguration at a place called the Clarendon Ballroom. They were going to call it the “DeploraBall.” The Washington Post ran a blurb about it and suddenly liberals were calling the establishment denouncing them for hosting such and event. Since the establishment is located in the most liberal county in Virginia they decided that their business interests should take precedent and they broke off negotiations. When asked about it they said there was never a contract and since the group was selling tickets before such contract they decided to end it. Just more hypocrisy on the left. Wonders how the bakers who did not want to bake a cake for a gay wedding feel about this and how do liberals reconcile this with themselves. Point is they don’t care. If it suits their political views it is acceptable and if it does not then it is a violation.

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