Hypocrisy on Cabinet Choices

Watching liberals have a hissy fit over the Trump cabinet nominations is amusing and you have to wonder if they see their own hypocrisy. Their first complaint was the number of retired Generals that Trump has appointed. But there memories are short or they just don’t care.

President Obama had Gen. Eric Shinseki as the head of the Veterans Affairs and then he surrounded himself with retired generals in his White House. Gen. David Petraeus was the head of the CIA and Gen. James Jones (USMC) was the National Security Director. Admiral Dennis Blair was the Director of National Intelligence and was succeeded by Gen. James Clapper. So where was the outrage by the left when Obama was appointing all of these retired military leaders? You and I both know they were mute.

Their next complaint was that most of the Cabinet members were wealthy and where was the common man for these positions. What you can interpret that to mean is where are the career politicians who have not amassed any personal wealth. But Trump campaigned on the idea of “draining the swamp” and that means he is not going to recycle all of the career political people to help run his administration.

Then of course is the claim that they are not qualified to be in these Cabinet positions? You can read this as they don’t agree with what we think the policies should be or they might, gasp, reverse some of the things Obama did or tried to do. Some of them forgot who won the election and that Hillary Clinton will not be filling these positions.

Where I will agree with them is that Trump seems to be making it a point to name people that will irritate them a lot more than others. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has been outspoken in his criticism of the EPA and has sued them for over regulation. What do they expect from an official from an oil producing state? The Obama administration made it extremely difficult for fossil fuel industries to survive during his eight years.

Betsy DeVos is on tap for Secretary of Education and since she has been a strong proponent of school choice she is considered to be the enemy of the public school teachers union. That union did not donate all that money to Democrat candidates to have they sit idly by while someone like DeVos is able to run rough shod over them.

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) has been selected to head the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and this is particularly galling to liberals. He has been an outspoken critic of ObamaCare and the fact that he is a former surgeon only infuriates them more. He has some strong ideas on how health care should be delivered in this nation and it is certainly not along the lines of a single-payer national health care system they favor.

Sen. Jeff Sessions has been picked to be the Attorney General and this sent them into a frenzy. Immediately they dredged up every 30 year old accusation they could find. Even Joe Biden has said that in his opinion Jeff Sessions does not have those traits in this day and age. Personally I think Jeff Sessions is a fine man and I have no idea if he said the things he is accused of doing 30 years ago but I would hate to be held accountable for everything I have ever said in my life. In my opinion anyone that says they have never said or had a racial thought is lying.

The real irony here is that the Democrats changed the rules in the Senate to ensure that Barrack Obama could have all of his appointees.   No longer can you filibuster an Executive Branch nominee. All you need is 51 votes to confirm them. Now I happen to agree with that concept. I have written before that I believe the Founding Fathers did not understand Senate Rule 22 when they inserted the “Advise and Consent” language in the Constitution. A President is entitled to the people he wants to assist him if that nominee can garner a majority vote in the Senate. [I am using the masculine pronoun generically without any intentional reference to the sex of the President]

Donald Trump is doing something that almost no other President-elects have done. He has ignored the political people that supported him in his run for the Presidency and concentrated his efforts on bringing successful business people into his Cabinet. It was only six months ago that Chris Christie was thought to be the Attorney General with a Trump win. Newt Gingrich was thought to be a top candidate for Secretary of State. Rudy Giuliani would have his pick of jobs. Sarah Palin was going to be running the Department of Interior and Mike Huckaby was angling for another top job. But in the end none of these political veterans are finding key jobs in the Administration.

What President Trump is bringing to Washington is a team of fresh faces. People that have succeeded in business and other aspects of life dominate the roster. Very few of them have any real political backgrounds and will come to their positions without the ingrained bias that so many political hacks bring with them. Perhaps this is what is needed to truly “drain the swamp.”



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