Liberal Mantra – He’s Not My President

The liberals and Democrats continue to pursue all avenues to try and thwart the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. They have been quietly supporting the efforts of Jill Stein by forcing recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan and now Stein is seeking some form of help in the Federal courts to force Pennsylvania to conduct a recount.

The chances of any of these recounts resulting in a different outcome from the election are remote. Most of the liberals watching this know this and many prominent Democrats have stated they either don’t support these efforts or they don’t see anything happening.

The second prong of the attack on Trump’s win on election night comes in the form of trying to convince electors to vote for someone other than Trump. Since these electors are Republicans they focus their efforts on getting them to choose another Republican. They apparently have succeeded in one elector, Chris Suprun, from Texas where he has indicated that he will not cast one of Texas’ 38 electoral votes for Trump and was quoted as saying “I am here to elect a president, not a king.”

I am not sure how he arrives at this logic. A vote for Hillary Clinton would have been more in line with putting someone on a throne by continuing a family legacy. Trump was not a politician prior to running and so far in the transition has acted very responsibly. You can disagree with some of his appointments but that can be said of every new President.

So what is the real strategy behind all of these efforts? If somehow enough electors decided not to vote for Trump an cast their ballots for another Republican candidate that would leave all candidates short of the magic number of 270. Then the election would be sent to the House of Representatives to elect the President. It is obvious to everyone that Trump would win such a scenario.

But the liberals know they are not going to stop Trump from becoming President but their  goal is to delegitimize his Presidency in any way they can. That is the real reason they are pushing for recounts and urging electors to change their votes.  They want to point at Donald Trump on inauguration day and say he is not really the President.

Here is the real problem with their efforts. It is short sighted and shows a total disregard for the Constitution and the future elections of this great land. Something like this begins to erode the quality of our free and open elections. It promotes a sense that we don’t have to accept the results of an election and we can do everything possible to overturn the will of the people. The very people who were decrying Trump’s refusals to fully admit he would accept the results of the election are now the ones trying change it to fit their version of politics.

I suspect that part of this stems from the total shock they continue to be in when it comes to the elections. The Democrats expected Hillary Clinton to stroll into the White House and for the Democrats to regain control of the U.S. Senate. When the reverse happened and Trump won the Presidency and the Republicans kept control of the Senate they did not know how to react. They have lashed out in anger and on many occasions derided the American public as uneducated and uninformed rubes. In their minds it is inconceivable that someone would choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. It is their contention that this was an obvious mistake and someone had to correct that mistake.

We have now laid bare the fundamental problem for the liberal progressives and Democrats as they move forward. Their voters are densely clustered in urban areas and have a monolithic mind set on issues. They believe they are better educated than the middle-American masses and therefore should be the ones making the decisions on the direction of the nation.

Donald Trump tapped into this movement with a simple statement of “Make America Great Again.” He railed against unfair trade agreements that were costing so many their jobs in the manufacturing community. Since so many of these liberals are employed in the high tech and financial sectors of the nation they have no understanding of the people who grow the food they eat and manufacture so many of the things they use in every day life. To them vegetables come from the first aisle you encounter in a super market.

Finally, you can be sure that for the next four years we will hear dozens of liberal in the media telling us why we should dismantle the Electoral College and just use a popular vote within the nation. They fail to grasp that the interests of the people of North Dakota might not coincide with those in California any more than the people of New York have all the same interests as the people in Mississippi.   The Electoral College was put in the Constitution for this very reason, recognizing from the beginning that we are a diverse nation and the interests of one region or bloc of voters should not be able to overwhelm the rest of the country.



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