Hamilton Turned Upside Down

I watched with some amusement the cast of the Broadway hit “Hamilton” lecture Vice President Elect Mike Pence on how the new administration should govern. While they have every right to say what they want I wish more entertainers would realize that we don’t really care what they think about politics and we are not paying them to express their views during their performance. If it is so important to them say it the next day.

But there is a bit of irony in all of this. The cast of Hamilton was pointing their comments on what they feel will be the Trump administration’s position on immigration and LBGT rights. They want him to govern for all of us and no doubt support cities and other government entities becoming sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. They would more than likely support cities and colleges setting up “safe zones” where anything said that is not politically correct in their opinion would be violation of someone’s space or rights.  In effect they are backing state rights in opposition to a strong federal government.

What I am sure most of these entertainers don’t realize is that Alexander Hamilton (the basis for their play) was a strong proponent of a large and powerful federal government. The debate was between his view and the view of Thomas Jefferson who espoused a smaller federal government and more power being reserved to the states. With the election of Donald Trump Democrat mayors in large urban cities are announcing they will stand up for “state rights” in opposition to the federal government that would probably seek to enforce immigration laws. This will be a complete reversal of what Democrats normally support but consistency has never been a strong trait of any politician.

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