Forget the Recount, Lets Do The Election Over


Jill Stein is pressing on with her recount efforts and even the Democrats are starting to see that this is a fool’s errand and they are being played as suckers in getting them to donate to this effort.

In Wisconsin they have counted about 14% of the vote and the results were 3 more votes for Clinton and 5 more votes for Trump, a net gain of 2 votes for Trump. In Michigan the Attorney General filed a lawsuit to stop the recount effort. He has argued that Stein’s goal is to delay the certification of the Michigan vote and deny Michigan electors a chance to vote in the Electoral College. In Pennsylvania the state court has said that Stein’s Green Party will have to post a $1M bond to even begin the recount and the costs could escalate. Stein’s response is to head to Federal Court seeking relief and having the feds force the state to accede to her wishes.

So this begs a couple of basic questions. What is her end game? I think every reasonable person, both Republican and Democrat, have clearly stated that they do not think the election will be changed by these recounts. Stein’s response have been consistently trite by saying that she just wants to verify the voter counts and who could be against that goal. But then why is she only targeting states where Trump defeated Clinton? That answer is simple: These were states that switched from traditionally backing the Democrat candidate and supported the Republican. Surely, according to Stein, there had to be something nefarious occurring because these hard working blue collar American would not have abandoned Democrats to vote for Donald Trump.

The second reason for picking these states is Democrat donors would not be putting up money to do a recount in states like South Carolina, North Carolina or Florida.

I would like to postulate a real question. How would the Democrats be reacting if Clinton had won these three states by close margins and Trump were demanding recounts and making veiled claims about the system being hacked or rigged? I know that should be a rhetorical question because we all know the answer. They would be screaming from the roof tops and the media would be in full throat denouncing Trump and demanding he accept the will of the people.

But what we see is a soft sell that Stein has a right to demand these recounts and after all they are only trying to reassure the people that nothing did happen.  And when all of this silliness has ended Democrats will then turn to their final plea.  Forget recounts, lets just do the election over again so the American people can get it right.

One last thing, how many have seen the melt down by actress Sally Fields on fellow liberal Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show. It epitomizes how these liberal elites are so out of touch with the American public. She just cannot understand why they don’t see Trump as clearly as she does. I think she was channeling her Norma Rae character and lost touch with reality herself.



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