Update on Recount Effort

Now that Jill Stein has managed to instigate a recount in the state of Wisconsin she is outraged that the State refused to give her a hand recount and promises to sue the state.  Hillary Clinton, the candidate that said any candidate in a general election standing on a debate stage should promise to accept the results of the election, has now joined in the effort seeking a recount.

We have also learned that President Obama called Secretary Clinton the night of he election and convinced her that it was over and she needed to concede to Donald Trump.  Apparently she did not really want to concede and her actions today make that concession look invalid and her words at the debate look hypocritical.

The three states that Stein/Clinton seem focused on getting recounts are normally blue states and it befuddles them that Trump could have been victorious in what is known as the “blue wall” that would guarantee her victory.  Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania have been reliable Democrat states for decades.  Clinton was so sure of Wisconsin that she did not campaign in the state and according to the Mayor of Madison he never even got a phone call.  That is how sure they were of winning Wisconsin.

But the numbers are telling something different.  Trump won Wisconsin by a margin of 22,171 votes, in Michigan his margin was 10,704 votes and in Pennsylvania he won by a whopping 70,638 votes.  Apparently Trump appealed to the blue collar workers in this region.

Pennsylvania has some very difficult laws on getting a recount.  The deadline is in a few days and three voters from each voting precinct have to fill out a form requesting a recount, have it notarized and filed.  Stein says she is going to sue for an extension.

It does not matter to these egotistical politicians that the election officials in these states, some of them partisans Democrats, have all said that the elections were fair and a recount might change the vote totals by a couple  but will have no effect on the winner and loser.  They cannot concede that Trump won the election and will continue to oppose that victory well into his Presidency as they try to sow the seeds of doubt on the legitimacy of his Presidency.

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