There are some on the far left who have pounced on a computer scientist’s claim that the voting in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania could have been hacked and therefore the Clinton campaign should demand a manual recount of the votes. Now you will notice they don’t want to challenge the voting in New York or California, the sources of Ms. Clinton’s popular vote edge. They are not asking to challenge the vote in Iowa or West Virginia where Trump also won. But they have cherry picked the three states that are normally blue and when they turned red in the election they delivered a defeat to Hillary Clinton.

Are they looking for some sort of “hail mary” pass to bail them out and somehow win the election? Absolutely. The New York Times sums it up this way:

Were this year’s deviations from pre-election polls the results of a cyberattack?” J. Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan who has studied the vulnerabilities of election systems at length, wrote on Medium on Wednesday as the calls based on his conclusions mounted. “Probably not.”

More likely, he wrote, pre-election polls were “systematically wrong.” But the only way to resolve the lingering questions would be to examine “paper ballots and voting equipment in critical states,” he wrote.

So his initial hypothesis, written for purely intellectual exercise, was that it was possible. But when people started quoting his thoughts he quickly started to back away. But that will not stop the liberals from claiming some sort of conspiracy. After all, this was supposed to be a slam-dunk victory for Hillary Clinton. There is no way someone like Donald Trump could actually win. They are just unable to accept the defeat but so far the Clinton campaign has resisted any call for them to mount some challenge.

And if that fails to change the election the drumbeat for electors to refute Donald Trump and vote for Hillary continues to resound from the liberal left. In an Op-Ed in the Washington post liberal Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig again presses the case that electors should listen to the popular vote and reject the electoral process and vote for Hillary Clinton. Can you image if Trump had won the popular vote and Clinton the Electoral College majority and conservatives were pressing this issue? The outrage from the liberals and the media would reach a crescendo of such a level that our eardrums would be shattered.

The real irony in this situation is that the left howled when they thought Donald Trump would not accept the election results. They clamored that he was bound by the American political system to accept his defeat. But when he actually won and Clinton lost it is the left that cannot accept the decision of the voters.

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