Apparently It Ain’t Over Until It Is Over


On November 8th the liberals in American prepared to pop the champagne and celebrate the victory of Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States. The pollsters were predicting an easy victory and on CNN the pundits were wondering how long it would take Donald Trump to concede defeat or would he drag it out until the next morning.

Then about 9:00 pm the networks began calling North Carolina for Trump and the quizzical looks began to appear on the faces of all the political prognosticators. On CNN they said they may have to wait a little longer for Tump to concede but his was just a bump on the speedway that lead to a Clinton victory. But about an hour later Trump was declared the winner in Florida and a bit of doubt was not creeping into their commentary. Florida was supposed to go to Clinton but Trump would still need to win Pennsylvania or Michigan and that was a long shot. Clinton was still going to win but it was not going to be the rout they had thought. Then the unthinkable happened. Pennsylvania was declared for Trump and suddenly it was dawning on all these experts that not only had Trump won but also he was winning in almost landslide numbers. Michigan has not submitted its final numbers but officials in the state concede that Donald Trump will get Michigan’s 16 electoral votes bringing his total over the 300 mark. This was the number Hillary Clinton was supposed to attain and some saw a chance of her getting 350+. By the end of the night the experts sat there stunned and they pondered the effect of a Trump Presidency.

So here we are two weeks later and apparently this race is not over in the minds of the more ardent Clinton supporters or Trump haters. They cannot fathom that they lost the election and so they flail about with all sorts of solutions to their problem.

  1. We won the popular vote so Clinton should be the President. This logic gets bifurcated into two parts. The first group is claiming that we are a democracy and so the voters have spoken and the electors should disregard what occurred in their individual states and risk the minor penalties for voting for Clinton instead of Trump. They will fail at this just as they must have failed history class in high school. We are not a Democracy but rather a Democratic Republic. In a Democracy the true majority rules and that is that. But in a Democratic Republic the majority rules but with protections for the minority. Most modern governments today are Democratic Republics with Constitutions. Ah, that word, Constitution. That is the root of their problem, that pesky Constitution that they are fond of citing when it works in their favor. There is one other problem with the campaign these bright lights are mounting. Should enough electors change their vote it would be then thrown to the House of Representatives to elect the next President. Guess what that outcome would be.

The second group is now demanding that we change the Constitution to ensure that the popular vote elects Presidents and not the Electoral College.   Today Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Cong. Charles Rangel (D-NY) filed a bill that would call for a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the Electoral College and replace it with the majority of the popular vote. It should be noted that both of these aging members of Congress will not be back in Congress in January. Cong. Rangel was defeated in a primary and Sen. Boxer opted to retire. The chances of this succeeding are absolutely zero but they believe they are making a point. Neither seems to remember those famous words from President Obama: Elections had consequences and I won.

  1. The next attack on the election comes from the conspiracy theorists in the Democrat party. They must have been watching a lot of Trump press conferences because they are claiming some hanky-panky in the voting results in Michigan-Wisconsin-Pennsylvania. They are computer wonks and believe the data suggests that the votes in some of the counties in those states were either manipulated or hacked. They went so far as to hold a conference call with John Podesta and other Clinton campaign apparatchiks.   No decision has been made but this is another futile effort. But that will not stop those wanting it and they are inundating the Justice Department demanding that the audit the election in these three states because this could change the outcome of the election. They even have campaign on Facebook and Reddit suggesting that if enough people call the Justice Department will be forced to act. Of course this is false and another example of “Fake News”. Of course these people did not see any anomalies in vote counts when some precincts in Pennsylvania voted 100% for Barrack Obama in 2012.

What will finally have to dawn on all of these people is that nothing will stop Donald Trump from being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. What you can be assured of is they will come in masse to the Inauguration and create as much chaos as possible. They will turn what should be one of the great days in celebrating the American form of government, the peaceful transference of power, into a full blown riot.

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