Entertainment or a Poli Sci Class?

When I attend a movie or a play I do so to be entertained. I don’t go to get a political lecture from either the cast or someone in the audience.  Everyone has political opinions and views, and there is a time and place for them to be expressed. Just as most employees are advised against discussing politics in the workplace, actors and entertainers should learn this lesson.

Kanye West announced that he would have voted for Trump if he had voted. He was roundly booed. Keep it to yourself when performing. To the cast of Hamilton, I suggest you learn that lesson as well. Mike Pence was there to be entertained, not lectured by a bunch of actors who probably know very little about the real issues facing the world. The world is not that interested in your political opinions, and my guess if the cast were sat down and given a quiz on civics and politics they would come up short.

I keep listening to Democrats and liberals with their “chicken little”mentality of the sky is falling since Trump was elected. I have some basic advice for them, the election is over and it is time to move on with your life. I was not a big supporter of Trump but I am moving on. I did not vote for Obama and I survived the past eight years.

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