A New Day a New Double Standard

Every day brings new topics to discuss and new examples of the double standards that liberals live.

First, I did not watch the American Music Awards last night but I have read and seen clips on the news of model Gigi Hadid’s mocking of the incoming First Lady. I have to assume she thought she was funny and I am sure many liberals and Democrats joined with the live audience in laughing at her using a fake accent in an attempt to belittle Melania Trump. But now lets imagine that some celebrity did the same thing to Michele Obama. The media would be outraged and liberals across the country would be screaming racism and all sorts of other charges. But so long as the barbs are directed at the Trumps they nod their heads and smile.

I have also read comments by liberals on the Trump’s decision to have Melania and her young son Baron would stay in New York until the end of the school year. Of course they ascribe all kind of other reasons for her staying in New York. Personally I think that is a decision that is up to them. Similarly the Obama’s are going to stay in Washington DC until their youngest daughter graduates from high school. Parent’s make decisions based on the best interests of their children.

Second, President Obama, with his decision to remain in DC has created a touchy situation. Traditionally ex-Presidents leave Washington and refrain from criticizing the incoming President. George W. Bush remained very silent for the past eight years. I am sure there are things Barrack Obama did that did not comport with his views but he respected the tradition of remaining silent.

Yesterday President Obama announced that he would not be silent and would speak out on things President Trump does that he disagrees. His logic was rooted in his personal belief that the majority of Americans agree with him on his policies. So I would ask him some simple questions:

1. Does he think the majority of Americans believe that his health care plan, known as ObamaCare, is working?
2. Does he think that a majority of Americans continue to support the Iran deal that he negotiated and do they support the ransom payments given to a nation that is identified as the largest supporter of terrorism in the world?

I can probably give him some data to help him answer those two basic questions, which are based on the two signature domestic and foreign policy initiatives.

When he came to office in 2008 he had majorities in both the House and Senate. After passing ObamaCare by a partisan vote he lost the House as over 80 Democrats lost their seats. The Republicans now control both the House and Senate and the President has repeatedly said in the last two elections that while he was not on the ballot his policies were. I agree and the voters spoke.

On the Iran deal a Gallop poll earlier this year showed that 31% of Americans favored the deal while 57% disapprove. I am not an expert in math but even I can read those numbers and realize that Americans believe the deal was not in the best interests of the United States and do not believe Iran will hold up its end of the bargain.

This past November we held an election and President Obama campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton. Over and over he said that his legacy was on the ballot and that a vote for Clinton was a vote for his policies. The result was a resounding defeat for Hillary Clinton.

I can hear liberals immediately respond by saying that Clinton won the popular vote. That is correct and the lead was about 1.7 million voters. But over 3 million of that lead came from one state, California. She also outpolled Trump in New York by about 1.4 million. So it becomes readily apparent that it was these two coastal states that are famous for being very liberal delivered a popular vote victory for Ms. Clinton. But around the rest of the country Trump was defeating her. It reminds me of the comment Tim Ryan (D-OH) made when he discussed his challenge to Nancy Pelosi for the Democrat leadership of the House. He said, and I am paraphrasing, that as a party we have to start representing people that shower after work and not just those that shower before work. He hit the nail right on the head as the Democrat party of today has become one that caters to the elitists in the urban centers of this country and largely ignores middle-America.

So I hope that President Obama, when he leaves office, realizes that he is no longer the President. That a new administration will be running the country and while he may personally disagree he must learn to stifle that urge to try and criticize. To do so will only keep the nation divided. His predecessors realized that and walked away to allow the incoming President the opportunity to govern.

I was amused at one comment President Obama made. As a former Constitutional professor he should have known better. He complained about smaller states that tend to vote Republican get two Senators the same as states like California and New York. But that fits in his mindset that he knows better than the people and it is their fault that they just don’t get it. Obama attributed the loss of the House, the Senate, state legislatures and assemblies under his presidency to people not being able to “see the recovery” and Republicans taking advantage of redistricting and gerrymandering. I am at a loss how gerrymandering caused the Democrats to lose seats in the Senate and Governor races. Perhaps he believes they should redraw the state boundaries?

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