A Few Observations

Now that the Trump administration is moving forward with filling the positions in the administration I wanted to offer a few comments.

First, this myth being put out by the media that somehow they are in chaos because they have not announced their team is irresponsible. President Obama did not announce his team until some time in December and there was no criticism then. I also think they were a little behind because they were not as confident as the Clinton team on winning.

Second, I like the fact that Trump is reaching out to all of his opponents and critics in the Republican Party. I think one of the better attributes he will bring to the Presidency is what every businessman knows. You don’t let personal feelings get in the way of a good deal and hiring good people.

Third deals with the confirmation process. Article II of the Constitution gives the Senate the power of “Advise and Consent”. This is an old English term and has been abused, in my opinion, by both parties in the process of confirming Presidential appointments. The Democrats changed the Senate rule on this and you can no longer filibuster appointees (excluding judges) and I agree with this. I think that every President is entitled to surround himself with the people he is most comfortable. (if a woman substitute “she”) If those nominated can gain a majority of votes in the Senate they should be confirmed.

My last comment today deals with the inauguration of the President. We used to wait until March 4 to inaugurate the new President. Franklin Roosevelt was the last one to use this date. It was changed by the 20th amendment and the country realized that with new modes of transportation the President could be in Washington much sooner. I would like to see it changed again to early January. The new Congress will be sworn in on January 3rd and then they will pretty much sit around waiting almost three weeks for the new President. Nothing much will get done because they have a lame duck President in the White House. It may sound like nit picking but with modern transportation and communication we are even faster than what was present in the 1930’s.

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