A National Emergency That the President Will Lose On

The President declared a National Emergency in order to get the necessary funding for building a barrier on the border.  The compromise agreed to by the Congress only provided him $1.375B.  The President signed the bill to avoid another partial government shutdown, one that he would have been blamed for if he failed to sign,… Continue reading A National Emergency That the President Will Lose On


Taxes, Damn Taxes and Lies

It is tax season and that mean politicians have to make comments on taxes and how they affect the American public.  Unfortunately for the public most of the politicians making comments don’t really understand how taxes work and make their comments with one intent:  Scoring political points. Let’s look at a few examples of some… Continue reading Taxes, Damn Taxes and Lies


Border Security and the New Democrats

Border Security It now looks like the Congress is coming to a compromise on the issue of Border Security and it will include $1.3B for barriers on the border. Since the President requested $5.7B for barriers the media will immediately announce this as a defeat for the Administration and a victory for Nancy Pelosi.  In some… Continue reading Border Security and the New Democrats



President Trump delivered his State of the Union this week and in the speech, he made the following statement: “Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence — not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free, and… Continue reading CREEPING SOCIALISM WILL DEVOUR US


State of the Union

On Tuesday night the President gave the State of the Union address before the Congress and the American people. Like all Presidents since Ronald Reagan, the President invited guests and used them as props in his speech. President Trumps guests ranged from a young boy who was bullied for having the last name Trump to… Continue reading State of the Union

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Yearbook Hypocrisy

Governor Northam is trying to have this both ways. He apologizes and then someone suggests to him that he could deny being one of the people on his yearbook page so he tries this new strategy of denial hoping it will simply go away.

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We Need to Get a Deal

Now that the President has signed the appropriations bill that will allow the government to be reopened, we all have to hope that Congress will now get serious and begin to forge a compromise bill on border security and immigration. The first thing the bill should do is address our current immigration system. Congress needs… Continue reading We Need to Get a Deal


Dark Money in Dark Times

Ever since the Citizens v. United case was decided the flow of money into politics has only increased. Liberals decried this decision as unfair and a blow to democracy as it allowed unchecked conservative money and corporate money to try and skew elections. But my how times have changed. The flow of this so-called “Dark… Continue reading Dark Money in Dark Times

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Reach a Compromise and Solve the Problem

This week President Trump offered a “compromise” on the stalemate over funding border barriers and the partial government shut down.  Here is exactly what was offered: The President was willing to extend protection to DACA persons and Temporary Protected Status people for at least three years.  During that time, he expected Congress to negotiate legislation… Continue reading Reach a Compromise and Solve the Problem


Graham Crackers vs Animal Crackers

I had the distinct opportunity to work around Congress for 42 years. Over that time span, I witnessed a lot of very good people in both parties trying to work together to solve the nation’s problems. They did not always agree but they had respect for each other and maintained a certain level of civility… Continue reading Graham Crackers vs Animal Crackers